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Object model in InfoPath solution
InfoPath 2007 supports improved custom data validation through the use of
managed code. Several new classes provide you with the ability to generate data
validation errors for cases that previously couldn't be detected. With the use of these
powerful InfoPath data validation capabilities, you can enforce business logic more
thoroughly in your Office solutions.
Custom actions on save
Developing custom save functionality for an Office InfoPath 2007 form template
is easy to achieve. The SaveEventArgs object can be used during a save operation
(from an event handler for the Save event) to determine save properties and to
perform the actual save operation. The SaveEventArgs object can be accessed only
from code running in forms that were opened in Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007.
Switching views
Microsoft Office InfoPath forms support multiple views. When you open a form in
InfoPath, the default view appears, which is based on the user's previous interaction
and previously-implemented rules. Microsoft InfoPath provides the SwitchView
method to allow you to shift views from inside the form through the use of managed
code. The SwitchView method is activated from the View object, which in turn
doesn't activate until the Loading event has completed. Here's a simple code
example that shows how to switch views:
public void btnApply1_Clicked(object sender, ClickedEventArgs e)
The code shows that, on a button click, the view will be switched to the name of the
view defined in the SwitchView method.
Object model in InfoPath solution
InfoPath forms are intended to be easy to use. The concept is that a simple form
can be used by numerous people in a small workgroup to collect information. For
example, a 25-person marketing team might use different instances of the same
form to ill out and share information about client calls that the staff make. The
data in these forms might then be merged into a single summary report that is sent
to the management every month. On the other hand, InfoPath forms can be more
dedicated, meaning they can be connected to existing databases, or integrated into
existing business systems.
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