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Understanding the InfoPath object model functional area
Views are used to represent the data from the original data structures in a mixture
of formats.
// Reference to InfoPath Window class and reading the
Window InfoPathWindow = this.Application.ActiveWindow;
// Getting the WindowState of the InfoPath example maximized,
minimized or normal
The XmlFormCollection object has the ability to access the current instance of
InfoPath through the XmlForms property of the Application object. By using the
XmlForm class, you can easily access form templates and form data.
// Reference to InfoPath XmlFormCollection in the Application
XmlFormCollection InfoPathXmlFormCollection = this.Application.
// Gets the count of the XmlFormCollection collection
The XmlForm class represents the essential XML document of an InfoPath form.
Also, the XmlForm class is one of the key objects in the InfoPath object model. The
XmlForm class provides other properties that can be used to get information about
the InfoPath form.
// Datasource navigation through XPath navigator
XPathNavigator DataSourceNavigator = this.MainDataSource.
// Reading through the XML structure in the InfoPath XML form
// Setting the value for the field in XML form
SetValue("Demo for XmlForm Class");
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