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Form-level events
Open the manifest.xsf file in the InfoPath designer, to register events. Click
through the sequence of menu items available in the InfoPath designer tool, as
shown in the following screenshot:
The previous screenshot shows the sequence of menu items used to access
form-level events from the Tools menu. In this example, you click on the Tools
menu, and then select Programming from the drop-down menu. Notice that some
events are enabled, while some are disabled (greyed out). Next, click on the name of
the event that you want to register (in this example, Loading Event... ).
If an XML node includes the attribute xsi:nil="true" , any text
value of the XML node will produce XML that is not valid. As a result,
Microsoft Office InfoPath will not accept the value, and you will receive
an error message when you try to set it. To work around this problem,
simply add the code that checks for the xsi:nil="true" attribute.
InfoPath will then remove the attribute at run time—before the code
sets the text value of the node. To see how this works, take a look at the
following example.
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