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Form-level events
After the user enters the correct book name, InfoPath displays the Save As
dialog box, as seen in the preceding screenshot, to save the InfoPath's data file
to the desired location.
Sign event
The Sign event will take place only when the form can be completely trusted. In
other words, an event handler for this event needs to confirm the Full Trust security
level before it can run. You can use the event handler for the Sign event to add
additional data to the digital signature.
FormEvents_Sign(object sender, SignEventArgs e)
Here's one easy way to add a signature—use the Digital Signatures dialog box,
which you can access from the Tools menu. Older versions of InfoPath stored state
values as hidden variables. InfoPath 2007 has a new property called FormState ,
which can be used to store state values. In the older versions of InfoPath, you had
to use hidden variables. The FormState property reduces or eliminates the use of
hidden variables. Hidden variables are variables that are used as holding places for
values that can be read through programming. FormState is an IDictionary object,
that holds user-defined state values defined in the variable declaration section.
// Constant declaration for sign status
const string _signStatus = "Allowed";
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