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Working with Custom Task Panes
In our example, the custom code to connect to Microsoft SQL Server and populating
data in InfoPath fields is done from inside the form loading event. In this example,
we connect to the database named PacktPub and get the data from the table named
Books . The data retrieved from the database is shown to the user in the text
box controls.
Working with Custom Task Panes
In Microsoft InfoPath, every control on a form must be bound to an element in the
corresponding XML document. In turn, the contents of the XML document must be
defined by a corresponding schema. These requirements can be limiting when you
want to provide some added assistance to retrieve information and populate a form.
These limitations are explained below.
Managed code
You can use managed code to display System.Windows.Forms dialog boxes that are
launched by a button click on the form. But doing so comes at the cost of making
development and deployment more complicated. For example, forms that you
developed using Windows forms dialog boxes often cannot be deployed by a
forms server.
Custom Task Pane
An alternative to managed code, in terms of supporting enterprise applications, is
to use a Custom Task Pane . Microsoft Office 2007 supports custom task panes that
provide you with tools to make available the features and the information your users
or customers require at the place and time that they desire.
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