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Creating an InfoPath add-in project using Visual Studio 2008
Writing InfoPath add-ins
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 provides a variety of features and
flexibility for Office developers who want to enhance or customize
InfoPath forms. Among these options is the ability to use Microsoft
Visual Studio 2008 and VSTO to create an InfoPath 2007 application-level
add-in. This means that, by using the Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007
object model, you can create add-ins for InfoPath 2007. So, in this section,
we'll see how to create InfoPath add-ins using VSTO and Visual Studio
2008. InfoPath add-in is an option to add functionality to your InfoPath
that is not available by default. Creating your own custom controls is just
one way of extending the basic set of features included in InfoPath. By
using COM add-ins, you can provide functionality that is not included in
the core InfoPath application.
Creating an InfoPath add-in project using
Visual Studio 2008
In this section, we'll see a step-by-step procedure for creating an InfoPath add-in.
Although we'll create a specific add-in with this example, you can follow the same
basic steps to create your own add-ins.
Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
On the File menu, click on New Project .
In the New Project dialog box, expand Visual C# project types .
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