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Workflow in InfoPath can be used to implement role-specific form actions, role-based
user features such as enabling forms, submitting emails, submitting to SharePoint
based on certain rules, and so on.
The InfoPath form library is the primary integration point between Windows
SharePoint Services and InfoPath. Microsoft InfoPath Forms Services is a server
technology built on Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 as an ASP.NET 2.0
application. The user experience of filling out a form in a browser is similar to that of
filling out a form in InfoPath, but the purpose of this technology is to allow the user
to run an InfoPath form inside the browser. An important goal is to reduce licensing
costs for the customer and to increase business value.
This chapter has provided a complete view of Microsoft InfoPath 2007, and how it
can be enhanced using VSTO 3.0. This chapter highlighted the capabilities of VSTO
3.0 and Visual Studio 2008. Along the way, we saw the essentials of VSTO and the
InfoPath 2007 object model. By working with code in your InfoPath forms, we've
seen how you can perform data source manipulation. We have also seen how you
can use a custom Task Pane and InfoPath add-ins using the InfoPath 2007 object
model. The bottom line is that Visual Studio 2008 has made the InfoPath 2007
programming environment easier and faster to use.
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