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Chapter 3: Microsoft Office Word Programming
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Word is the word processing software application released by
Microsoft Corporation in the1980s for Xenix Systems. Later, Microsoft launched
Word for the different platforms available in the market. Microsoft Office Word
is part of the Microsoft Office Tools package. Microsoft Office Word is one of the
most influential and comprehensive tools in the complete Microsoft Office software
package. Even though Microsoft Office Word is now packed with several features
and built-in functionality, the out-of-the-box Word features have never met the
real world needs of business requirements. Windows form controls and business
functionalities such as application-level solutions were unavailable until VSTO 2008,
and could only be programmed only with VB6 or C++ as shared add-ins using plain
COM technology.
Microsoft has finally given enough control and support in VSTO 2008, to enhance
and add functionality to Microsoft Office Word using .NET technology. VSTO
ships with a full set of managed APIs, which makes Word a normal programming
experience for .NET developers. Automating the creation of data-rich business
documents with Microsoft Office Word 2007 can be achieved with VSTO 3.0 and
Visual Studio 2008.
In this chapter, we'll discuss:
Word 2007 in Visual Studio, including how to create a Word solution in
Visual Studio 2008
Word solution—the object model and the object model functional area
Document-level and application-level solutions
Working with a Task Pane and creating custom Task Panes
The concept of an Action Pane and managing Action Panes
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