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Publishing solution deployment
We'll set up this solution to run upon startup and shutdown of Microsoft Office
Word 2007, using .NET programming. The ThisDocument.cs is the file where we
will be writing our business logic, or the customization code for our Word solution,
that you develop.
// Startup event for word application. Note the method signature
below—we'll see this alot.
// The Objects parameter indicates the sender and the event to be
private void ThisDocument_Startup(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
// We'll call a standard message box to show the text message to
the document users
MessageBox.Show("Welcome to Word 2007 Programming");
//Shutdown event for word application
private void ThisDocument_Shutdown(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
// During document shutdown, we'll show a message to the users.
// This is to show that you can do some operations during
document shutdown.
MessageBox.Show("Let's go back and explore more");
When making the move to Word 2007, dump everything you know about the UI
User Interface ). Everything has changed. You now have full freedom and control to (
create modern solutions in Word 2007 using VSTO with Visual Studio 2008.
Publishing solution deployment
The ClickOnce deployment technology allows Windows-based applications to be
deployed and run with minimal user interaction. ClickOnce refers to an application
deployment and maintenance procedure in which you compile your solution and
publish it to a location available to your users. ClickOnce-deployed applications show
lower consumption of resources—they are installed per-user, not per-machine. No
administrator constitutional rights are required to install any of these applications.
Each ClickOnce application is isolated from the other, so that they do not affect other
applications. You have a wide range of options to configure solution deployment
manually or even automatically using wizards. Let's see the publishing of the process
for custom Office application using these options.
Deployment using Publish Wizard automates the tasks of specifying the deployment
settings. The wizard asks you to enter the path of the publishing folder and the
installation folder.
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