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Importing and Formatting a Text File
Importing and Formatting a Text File
This procedure illustrates how to automate the process of importing, cleaning
up, and formatting text files, and then to place the results in one unique
Note: This particular procedure is one of our more difficult Excel procedures. If you
are not at all familiar with VBA, we suggest that you try some others first and
get comfortable with the code before you attempt to customize this procedure
for your own file. Otherwise, if you must use this procedure, you may want to
get acquainted with the sample file.
Example file:
Scenario: Importing a text file is another common task for
which Excel is used. Almost all applications can create a text
file that can be imported into another application so that
application can use the information to some other purpose.
In almost every case, there is a need to clean, delete, add, or
format the information so that it can be used correctly at a
later time.
Figure 38 – Text File in Notepad
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