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Word Procedures
Word Procedures
By Cindy Meister
Applying Your Favorite Bullet/Number Format
This procedure demonstrates how to record a macro to quickly apply a favorite
number format and to assign the macro to a toolbar button.
Example file:
There is no sample
macro for this solution,
because it is one based
on individual
Scenario: To change the default numbering or bullets
applied when clicking the numbering or bullets buttons on
the Formatting toolbar requires a macro. Word offers no
direct way to do this.
Don't be afraid to create this macro yourself! It is very easy to do. Once you
determine the desired settings, you simply record the steps using the macro
recorder. This is one of the few macros that IS easier and better to record than
to write from scratch.
Follow these steps:
1. First, decide exactly how the numbering (or list, to use Word jargon)
should look. Practice setting the options in Format | Bullets and
Numbering | [type of list wanted] | Customize until the steps are
2. Start the macro recorder using Tools | Macro | Record new macro or by
double-clicking the REC button in the Word window status bar.
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