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Figure 45 – Naming and Storing a Macro in Word
5. Once you click OK in the Customize dialog box, the macro recording
begins. Go to Format | Bullets and Numbering and follow the steps
required to create the preferred numbering format.
6. When you have finished making the settings and dismissed the Bullets
and Numbering dialog box, stop the macro recorder by clicking the Stop
button on the Stop recording toolbar, by double-clicking the REC button
on the status bar, or by using the Tools | Macro | Stop Recording
7. Test the macro by selecting some paragraphs, then clicking on the new
Tip: If you make a mistake, simply start over. The macro recorder will overwrite the first macro
if you give it the same name.
In order to view the macro, open the New Macros module in the project where
the macro was created.
View the Appendix to learn how to open the VBE and
locate the NewMacros module.
The macro recorder generates code for formatting all nine outline numbering
levels, even if changes are only made to the settings for a few of the top levels.
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