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Setting Hyperlinks on Index Entries
Setting Hyperlinks on Index Entries
This procedure processes the entries in an index range, creating hyperlinks to
the first instance of the index term on the target page. It also showcases the
use of a simple array in combination with a user-defined Type to keep track of
multiple items.
Example file:
Scenario: Since Word 97, it has been possible to click on an
entry in a Table of Contents in order to jump to the text in
the document that it references. An often-expressed wish of
users is that the same process be possible with an index.
This set of macros converts the index to plain text. It then
works through each paragraph in the index range, checking
whether the text at the right is a (page) number. If it is, the
macro "walks" all the characters, from right to left, until it
finds no more numbers. The text that remains is then
searched on each of the pages listed for that entry,
bookmarked, and a hyperlink is created for the bookmark.
Figure 46 – Hyperlinked Index Entries
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