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Converting AutoNumbered Text into Normal Text
Converting AutoNumbered Text into Normal Text
This macro converts AutoNumbered text to plain text, including the numbers.
Example file:
Scenario: Perhaps you have been tasked with creating a
readme file for your company’s software product. Readme
files are always created as TXT—plain text files, but your
software manual was developed using many levels of
AutonNumbering. When you copy and paste as unformatted
text, or save as a TXT file, the numbering is lost.
This macro illustrates a way to turn the numbering in the
current selection into plain text so that the numbering is
retained. You won’t believe how simple it is!
View the Appendix to learn how to store this procedure
in a Standard module.
Option explicit¶
' * * * * *¶
Sub NumbersToPlainText()¶
End Sub¶
Select the text you want to convert. Run the macro. Paste the text where
Reverse Numbering
This macro numbers paragraphs in reverse order.
Example file:
Scenario: Usually, numbering things in ascending order is
preferred, from 1 to 10, for example. But there are occasions
when reverse order (a countdown) is desired, such as a “Top
10”. This macro inserts numbering in reverse order at the
beginning of each paragraph of the current selection.
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