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Tables: Formatting Numbers in a Selection
The macro runs automatically.
Note: This macro MUST be named NextCell. NextCell is the name of the Word
internal command that is fired when Tab is pressed while your cursor is inside
of a table. In Word, a macro named with the same name as an internal
command will run in place of that command.
Tables: Formatting Numbers in a Selection
This procedure applies a numeric “picture” to numbers in selected table cells.
Example file:
Scenario: Microsoft has always said that users who want
spreadsheet functionality should use Excel. What Microsoft
seems to have forgotten is that an Excel object in Word
cannot break across pages.
One bit of spreadsheet functionality often desired in Word is
the ability to format numbers without having to expressly
type in the format. This macro applies a specified number
format to every number that stands alone in a selected table
cell. If it is the result of a field calculation, the number format
is added to the field code.
Figure 50 – Formatted Numbers
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