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Using Calendar Wizard
Using Calendar Wizard
Using this procedure, you can generate a calendar page for the specified month
and year.
Example file:
Scenario: Creating a calendar in Word is relatively easy
technically: just set it up in a table. Of course, the task
involves a lot of repetitive work, numbering the cells, and
applying borders and shading. In other words, the perfect
task for a macro.
One issue when using a Word table as an electronic calendar
is that the entire cell is selected when tabbing through the
days. It is all too easy to delete the date number or
inadvertently incorporate it into the text entry.
Another aspect that sometimes needs to be considered is
entering data from a databank or other application or
extracting information from the Word calendar in order to
use it elsewhere.
This tool addresses all of the above problems. The calendar page is generated
automatically based on the month and year typed into the InputBox. A new
line character follows each number, and a form field is inserted on this line.
The document is then protected, with the result that text can be typed only in
the form fields; there is no danger of deleting the number or of typing text
"around" it.
Tip: Each form field is bookmarked, so a macro or an outside application can open the
document and extract the information. It is also possible to activate the Save data only for
forms option in Tools | Options | Save to create a tab-delimited text file of the form's
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