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Changing the Borders
Changing the Borders
The style of the outside and inside borders can be changed in the code lines
.Borders.OutsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleDouble¶
.Borders.InsideLineStyle = wdLineStyleSingle¶
The attributes specific to the first row are found in the block under With
To change the shading, font and font size here, as well, adjust the appropriate
code lines as described above.
Finally, to change how the cell at the bottom right is formatted under the block
beginning With lastRow.Cells(lastRow.Cells.Count), the same instructions
apply as above.
Note: For shading and borders, it is recommended that you delete the equal sign
and everything to the right of it. Then type = again; Intellisense should display
a list of supported shading values from which to select.
Inserting a Picture with Caption
With this procedure, you can insert a picture, format it with text wrapping, and
add a caption.
Example file:
Scenario: Inserting pictures into Word and adding a caption
involves a number of individual steps. A much more efficient
approach is a macro that prompts for choosing a picture from
the folder of choice, inserts the picture, and then prompts for
a caption.
In addition, if the text should wrap around the picture, it
needs to be inserted into a frame. Why a frame? Because if
the picture is formatted directly with text wrapping, the
caption is placed in a text box.
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