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Making Changes
'Let the user add a caption¶
End Sub¶
Making Changes
You can change a number of items in this procedure.
Linking in a Picture
Use the following to specify how the graphic is inserted and saved in the
Const LinkGraphic¶
Const SaveInDoc¶
In order to link to the file, set the first of these to True. In this case, the latter
may be True or False (False will result in a smaller file size.) If Const
LinkGraphic is set to False, then SaveInDoc must be set to True.
Inserting a Picture Without a Frame
To use the macro to simply insert pictures from the folder of choice, with
default preferred settings, comment out the lines.
Set frm = rng.Frames.Add(rng)¶
FormatFrame frm.¶
Leaving off the Caption
To leave off the caption, comment out these lines by placing an apostrophe in
front of each.
If frm Is Nothing Then¶
AddaCaptionInaFrame rng¶
AddaCaptionInaFrame frm.Range¶
End If¶
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