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Controlling the Picture Size
Controlling the Picture Size
Inserting a picture into a frame, one side of which is set to an exact size, causes
the picture to resize itself proportionally to fit. The other dimension should be
set to "AutoFit".
Set the Const LimitPictureWidth and Const LimitPictureHeight values to the
combination of wdFrameAuto and wdFrameExact that is preferred.
Setting Exact Height and Width
Set the height and/or width in inches for the frame in the ‘FormatFrame’
procedure by changing the numbers in parentheses in these lines:
frm.Height = InchesToPoints(3)¶
frm.Width = InchesToPoints(3)¶
Adding Borders
Put a border around the frame by setting frm.Borders.Enable to True.
Once this is done, the values under With frm.Borders takes effect. In order to
change the color, line style, or line width, delete from the equals sign (=) to the
end of the line. Then, type the equals sign again and Intellisense should show a
list of values to choose from.
Positioning the Frame
The values for the following correspond to settings in the dialog box Format
Frame. Here, again, deleting the equal sign and the text following it, then
typing the equal sign again will present a list of valid values.
Frames can be formatted relative to the page, both vertically and horizontally,
or relative to the text to which they are anchored (equivalent to activating
"Move with text").
Wrapping Text Around the Frame
This is controlled by setting frm.TextWrap to True or False.
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