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Forms: Suppressing New Paragraphs in Form Fields
Follow these steps:
1. Copy 'DisableEnterKeyInFormFields' and
'DisableNewLineInFormFields' to the document or template in which
the Enter and Shift+Enter keys should be disabled when the focus is in
a form field.
2. Copy 'ActivateKeyAssignmentsInCurrentFile' and
'DeactivateEnterAndNewLineKeyAssignments' to the or
any other global template add-in.
3. View the document or template into which
'DisableEnterKeyInFormFields' and 'DisableNewLineInFormFields'
were copied.
4. Run 'ActivateKeyAssignmentsInCurrentFile' to map the Enter and
Shift+Enter keys to the macros 'DisableEnterKeyInFormFields' and
'DisableNewLineInFormFields' in the active document or template.
5. In order to deactivate these assignments, view the document or
template and run 'DeactivateEnterAndNewLineKeyAssignments'.
This tool consists of two sets of macros. The first pair,
'DisableEnterKeyInFormFields' and 'DisableNewLineInFormFields', controls
the Enter and Shift+Enter key behaviors in the target document or template.
The second pair, 'ActivateKeyAssignmentsInCurrentFile' and
'DeactivateEnterAndNewLineKeyAssignments' makes and removes the key
assignments to the Enter and Shift+Enter key combinations in the target
After the key assignments have been made,
'ActivateKeyAssignmentsInCurrentFile' is no longer needed;
'DeactivateEnterAndNewLineKeyAssignments' is only required if a mistake is
made and it is necessary to restore the Enter and Shift+Enter key
combinations to the default state.
Note: A key combination assignment in a template carries over to all documents
created from that template, as long as the template is available to the
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