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Forms: Inserting a New Table Row
Double-click each form field in the data row to open the form field
options dialog box. Enter a unique name for each form field in the row.
Activate Calculate on Exit if the form contains any fields that should be
updated dynamically. Set any other options for the field.
5. When defining the formula for a calculation type of form field, be sure to
use the form field names that have been defined. Once the data row is
set up and adequate testing has been conducted, select the entire row
(click in the left margin). Go to Insert | AutoText | AutoText and enter
a name for the entry being created. Be very careful to select the
template from the Look in list so that the AutoText entry moves with
the template (and isn't stored in Click Add.
Figure 56 – Inserting an Autotext Entry
The macro runs from a toolbar that displays when a document is created
using the template.
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