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Mail Merge: Merging with a Chart
'don't try to insert it¶
If Doc.Bookmarks.Exists(BookmarkName) Then¶
Set rngChart = Doc.Bookmarks(BookmarkName).Range¶
EditChart rngChart, DataDoc¶
Cancel = False¶
MsgBox "The bookmark " & BookmarkName & "is missing."¶
Cancel = True¶
Exit Sub¶
End If¶
'Make sure the changes to the chart¶
'are carried over to the merge result¶
End Sub¶
Prepare the chart data: The data should be in a Word table, in a Word
document, saved in the same folder as the main merge document.
If the data is in a table in another application, such as Access or Excel, simply
copy and paste it into a Word document. Take care that the records are sorted
in the same order as for the mail merge, and that there is at least one row of
data for each record.
The following data table was copied from an Access query and pasted into a
Word document. Then the first row (containing the query name) was deleted.
Figure 60 – Mail Merge with Charts
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