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Accessing Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
Accessing Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
The VBE (the programming environment) can be accessed from any of the
Microsoft Office programs by opening the program and then either pressing
Tools | Macro | Visual Basic Editor from the Menu or using the keyboard
shortcut: Alt+F11. Clicking the right mouse button on some objects in the
Microsoft Office programs gives the option to View Code; others have the Visual
Basic Editor as an option on the drop-down menu. Any of the methods
mentioned can be used to open the VBE.
For consistency, we use the VBE for Microsoft Excel to illustrate the
functionality of the VBE in this topic. When one of the other applications varies
from the way Excel uses the VBE, we note this exception.
When the VBE opens, it pops up in a new window. An example for Excel is
shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1 –Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Editor
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