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Transferring a Selection to a New Document
Tips: The chart and bookmark can be in a table cell or a frame in order to have text flow
around the chart.
If a different bookmark name is used, just remember to change the information for the
code line Const BookmarkName.
3. Go into Tools | References in the Visual Basic Editor (VBE) and
activate the checkbox next to Microsoft Office Graph 10.0 Object
Library (Office 2002) or Microsoft Office Graph 11.0 Object Library
(Office 2003).
4. There are sample files for both pie and column chart merges. Both use
MailMergeData.doc for the data source; link the sample mail merge
letter files to them before running the 'MergeToChart' code.
Note: Pay attention to the message that is displayed at the start! The updating of
the MS Graph charts in the document can take a number of seconds, and
Word may appear to hang. It hasn’t. Be patient and wait until the finishing
message has been displayed.
Transferring a Selection to a New Document
This procedure demonstrates how to access page setup properties, headers,
footers, and page numbers.
Example file:
Scenario: One request for help seen quite often, especially
for persons moving to Word from WordPerfect, is how to
save a selection to a new file. While copying the selection
and pasting it into a new document is one solution, there are
two major issues involved: additional steps that are required,
and lost formatting due to differences in margins, styles,
headers, and footers in the new document as opposed to the
original document.
With this macro, a selection can be quickly transferred into a
new document, retaining all the original formatting.
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