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Splitting a Document into Multiple Files
Splitting a Document into Multiple Files
This procedure shows you chow to split a document into separate files
according to heading styles applied to the text. It also shows you how to work
with Subdocuments.
Example file:
Scenario: Sometimes, it is necessary to split up a document
into separate files; for instance, to allow a number of persons
to edit different chapters at the same time. Another case
would be to create a website from the document.
The easiest way in Word to pull a document apart or to bring
separate documents together is with the Master/Subdocument
feature, available in the Outline view. Over the last decade,
this feature has caused lots of problems primarily because
people have tried to use it in ways the developers never
intended. For the basic task of splitting or combining
documents, however, it's quite reliable.
Tip: Key points for staying out of trouble when using Master documents:
1. Make back-up copies of the sub-documents frequently.
2. Never, ever edit subdocuments when they are open in a Master document. Consider
the Master document as a throw-away container for pulling individual documents
together for printing or viewing purposes.
This macro tool splits a document into sub-documents based on heading styles.
You can specify the heading levels to which the document should be split.
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