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Touring the VBE Toolbar
The VBE window is just like any other window. It has a Title bar, a Menu bar,
and a Tool bar, and likely contains some familiar options or icons, and some
that you might not have seen before. The main body of the VBE window
consists of one or more sub-windows.
Each individual Office program launches its own VBE. When running multiple
programs, multiple VBE windows can be open at the same time without
interfering with each other. The coding in any window is relevant only to the
program that launched it.
Touring the VBE Toolbar
Figure 2 depicts the Excel VBE Menu bar and Standard toolbar, collectively
called the Visual Basic Editor toolbar in this topic. You can perform various
tasks from this toolbar when using or writing code.
Figure 2 – The VBE Toolbar
Some of the buttons available on the VBE toolbar are described in the table
View Microsoft
Switch focus from the VBE back to the Office
application associated with the VBE. The icon for the
program that “belongs” to the VBE resides in the
first position on the left of the VBE toolbar. The
Excel icon is illustrated here.
Select the drop-down arrow to see choices to insert a
new UserForm, Module, Class module, or Procedure.
The UserForm option is not in the drop-down list in
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