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Splitting a Document into Multiple Files
Follow these steps:
1. When prompted to save the document under a different name, you can
do so or not. Doing so is recommended, because there is NO WAY to go
back to the original file once the macro has finished.
2. In the next dialog box, enter the heading level down to which the
document should split. Enter 2, for example, and the tool saves all the
text between heading level 1 and heading level 2 to new documents.
Note that in this example, the documents created from heading level 1
will have sub-document links to the heading level 2 documents. These
can be deleted along with their section breaks.
3. If the goal is to create a set of web pages from the original document,
copy the hyperlinks to a position outside the sub-document "block"
before deleting the sub-document sections.
4. When the macro has finished, each of the subdocuments will have been
saved as a separate file in the same folder as the master document from
which they were created. The heading level text from which they were
generated serves as the file name. The master document file can now
safely be deleted.
5. Make sure that each paragraph is formatted where the document
should be split with a heading style. If these paragraphs should not
appear different than other paragraphs, change the definition of the
Heading style.
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