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Creating a Folder Tree Menu
The toolbar to which the menu should be added
The caption for the new button
3. To add a file extension to a category of recognized file extensions (xml to
be opened like a document, for example), edit the procedure
4. Locate the Case code line for the category to which the extension should
be appended.
5. Type a comma, a space, then the extension in "quotes", as in the
example below, where xml is added after csv.
Select Case ext
Case "doc", "dot", "htm", "html", _
"rtf", "txt", "csv", "xml"
6. If running Word 2002/2003 and including icons next to the file names,
copy the 'AddButtonPicture' procedure to the same module, or to
another module. Add the Const declaration to the top of the same
module and edit the path to the folder where the bitmaps are located.
Copy the bitmap files from the CD to that folder.
If running Word 2000 or previous versions, adding pictures cannot be
done using the technique in 'AddButtonPicture'. In this case, leave it off
completely or place it in a different module so that, if upgraded to a
more recent Word version, it becomes available.
Note: In order for the macro to work reliably, make sure the display of file
extensions is enabled on the computer. In Windows Explorer, go to Tools |
Folder Options | View and deactivate the checkbox ‘Hide extensions for known
file types’.
7. In order to remove the set of menus entirely, run the procedure
8. To add additional sets of menus, simply change the information in the
Const declarations at the top of the module.
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