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Changing Custom Dictionaries On-the-Fly
Changing Custom Dictionaries On-the-Fly
With this procedure, you can change the active custom dictionary to which
words are added during spell check.
Example file:
Scenario: Back in the days of Word 6.0 and Word 95, when
the spell check was run, you could select the custom
dictionary to which a word was added in the spell check
dialog box. With the advent of Word 97, this functionality
disappeared from the user interface. Thus, when you "Add to
dictionary", it is uncertain as to which custom dictionary a
word will be added.
This problem is especially critical when working with multiple
languages prior to Word 2002, as well as when using project-
specific dictionaries for special terminology. The only
interface provided by Word is under Tools | Options |
Spelling and Grammar | Custom Dictionaries. How much
more convenient it would be to not have to click through four
menu levels to change the active custom dictionary!
Tip: Starting in version 2002, Word maintains a separate default custom dictionary for every
language. See Tools | Options | Spelling and Grammar | Custom Dictionaries.
One workable solution is to have a list of custom dictionaries in a toolbar.
Simply select the dictionary that you want as the active custom dictionary from
the list. This macro tool works best in a global template that loads when Word
is started. It makes sure the toolbar is displayed with an up-to-date list of
available custom dictionaries.
Figure 66 – Changing the Custom Dictionary
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