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Formatting Spelling Errors for Printing
4. Run the macro once to create the toolbar and toolbar controls. The
toolbar button on the right won't have an icon. To give it the face of
a. Right-click the button.
b. Customize.
c. Right-click it again.
d. Change button face.
e. Choose the preferred icon.
Formatting Spelling Errors for Printing
You can format a document so that spelling errors are visible in the print
document using this procedure.
Example file:
Scenario: Since Word 95, spelling and grammar errors have
been displayed on-screen by wavy red and green lines under
the text. Starting with Word 2002, the colors of the wavy
lines can be changed. There has, however, never been
anyway to print out a document with these errors indicated.
With this macro, the text marked as being spelled incorrectly
is formatted so that it is visible when printed out, as
illustrated in Figure 67. There is also a choice to have the
macro write a list of the spelling errors found to a new
document, with the page number and context in which the
error occurs.
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