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Entering Data Easily Using a Custom Dialog Box
Entering Data Easily Using a Custom Dialog Box
Use this procedure to show a dialog box to get information and put it into
bookmark targets in the document.
Example file:
Scenario: Over 90% of the time, Word is not used for
reports or writing books. Primarily, a person performs daily,
repetitive tasks such as correspondence. While mail merge
makes it easy to send large numbers of identical documents
to many people, Word does not have a good facility for
writing one-off letters, memos, or faxes.
Corporations and many power-users create templates for
each type of correspondence worked with on a regular basis.
Templates provide ready-made formatting in the form of
styles and boilerplate text that correspond to company
standards and corporate identity.
Even better is a template that gathers all the standard
information in a single interface and takes the task of
inserting it into the proper locations off the user's hands. A
fairly simple, standard example is shown on the following
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