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Using Project Explorer
Using Project Explorer
To navigate within the various elements in the programming environment,
there is one very useful window: the Project Explorer. By default, it is located
at the top-left of the VBE; it is shown in Figure 4 .
Figure 4 – The Project Explorer Window
The Project Explorer window should be visible by default. If it is not, or if you
accidentally close it, it can be shown by any of the following methods:
1. Select View | Project Explorer from the VBE Toolbar.
2. Click the Project Explorer icon
on the VBE Toolbar.
3. Use the Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut.
The Project Explorer is much like any other Windows Explorer interface. It
shows a hierarchy of objects from which to choose. Branches to expand and/or
choose elements to view in detail in one of the other panes are shown with the
familiar + or –.
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