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Sending a Message Individually to Multiple Recipients
'Download web page source code as HTML¶
lngret = URLDownloadToFile(0, strURL, tmpHTML, 0, 0)¶
'Close internet connection¶
InternetCloseHandle lngInet¶
End Function¶
Notes: FTP web pages cannot be sent using this macro.
Recipients will not be able to read the web page if their e-mail is set to receive
text-only e-mails.
Sending a Message Individually to Multiple Recipients
This macro sends the same e-mail message (that has been saved as a draft in
Outlook) to more than one recipient.
Example file:
Scenario: You need to send out the same e-mail message
to a group of recipients, but your Internet Service Provider’s
spam filters prevent you from sending it to all of them at one
time. This macro can help you to bypass spam filters that
may have been put in place by your Internet Service Provider
by sending an individual e-mail to each recipient over a
period of time.
This application lets the user select a saved mail item in the
Drafts folder to send to the addresses listed in an Excel
worksheet; it is triggered from Excel, not Outlook itself.
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