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Remote Control with Outlook E-mail Message
'Body property setting instead HTMLBody¶
'Please comment out the previous code line¶
'.Body = strReplyMessage & vbCrLf & .Body¶
'Send reply immediately¶
End With¶
End If¶
'Continue with next selected item in active explorer¶
Next objItem¶
End Sub¶
To send the same reply to specific e-mail messages received, set the
strReplyMessage variable that stores the predefined text message in the code.
Set the .HTMLbody and .body properties to use either one or the other.
Comment out the unwanted property by placing an apostrophe to the left of the
property you do not want to run. The macro as written uses the .HTMLbody
Select the mail items in the active folder then run the macro.
Remote Control with Outlook E-mail Message
This macro shows how to turn the Outlook Application into a Remote Control
Scenario: Each day, you are required send an e-mail to a
particular person. Today you forgot, and now you’re over at
a friend’s house. To send this daily e-mail out from a remote
location, you only need to send a special e-mail message to
yourself. The code tracks the folder events, and when
specific criteria are met, it then runs the code and attaches
the requested file in the reply to the incoming e-mail
CAUTION! Using this code involves some risk. To make this code more secure, use a
very specific subject line, and do not share it.
Note: This procedure provides code using the Redemption object, which requires
installation of the Redemption COM Object.
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