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Making a Random Jump to Another Slide
1. To do this, right-click on the picture, then follow this
Action Setting…| Mouse Click | Run Macro | NameIt.
Assign one of the
three pictures the
Action Setting of
“NameIt” on
mouse click.
2. Click OK to get out of the dialog boxes. Repeat for the
other pictures or shapes.
1. Curved Up Arrow
Assign action setting “SpinCCW” on mouse click.
2. Curved Down Arrow
Assign action setting “SpinCW” on mouse click.
Add two Auto-
Now, if a picture is clicked during a show, it will be selected as the object to be
moved via the “NameIt” macro, and the macro will move that picture.
Notes: This macro is event driven. It runs when a shape is selected and a button is
This is a PowerPoint presentation mode macro. Presentation mode macros
operate during slide shows; therefore, viewing the show is necessary to use
this macro.
Making a Random Jump to Another Slide
This procedure allows the user to click on an assigned shape/picture object
during a presentation and to jump to a random slide within a presentation, or,
alternately, to a random slide from a pre-set list of slides.
Example file:
Scenario: While building a presentation that needs to be
viewed by 30,000 employees, the boss decides that each
should get a slightly different show. Random (or semi-
random) jumps within the presentation to make it a little
different for each employee must be incorporated.
View the Appendix to learn how to store this procedure
in a Standard module.
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