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Using the Main Code Window
To work with an existing module, first select it by clicking on its Name in the
Project Explorer. You can then open it using any of the following methods:
Double-click it.
Click the View Code button
from the Project Explorer.
Select View | Code from the VBE Toolbar.
Use the shortcut key, F7.
At the top of the Main Code window, you will see two drop-downs. The drop-
down on the left lists various objects within the module. The drop-down on the
right lists the different procedures within the module. Refer to Figure 9 and
Figure 10.
Figure 9 – The Object List Drop-down
Figure 10 – The Event/Procedure List Drop-down
When you write multiple procedures, you can use these drop-downs to navigate
directly to the start of any procedure. Think of them as menus for the module.
There are three windows in the VBE that we will not discuss: the Immediate
window, the Watch window, and the Locals window. These windows are used in
specific instances, and are not necessary to operate the macros in this topic.
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