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Wrapping Text to the Next Slide
Note: Placeholders is a special designation given to shapes that are used to pre-
format a slide to a custom layout. There are several types: pictures, clipart,
text, and titles. They are used to locate the various fields on the master slide.
It is not possible to add additional placeholders to a layout. Additional shapes
and text boxes can be added, just not as placeholders.
Wrapping Text to the Next Slide
This macro wraps text from one slide to a new one when it overflows the
number of lines in a text box that has been specified. The new slide retains the
formatting and appearance of the original slide.
Example file:
Scenario: A long piece of text that needs to be added to
the slide show is too long. Unfortunately, there is more text
than there is room to show in one slide’s text box. Copying
the slide and manually deleting some text from each slide
can be time consuming. Automate the process with this
View the Appendix to learn how to store this procedure
in a Standard module.
Option Explicit¶
' * * * * *¶
Sub WrapOver()¶
'Variable declaration¶
Dim SldCnt As Integer¶
Dim SldNum As Integer¶
Dim WrapCnt As Integer¶
Dim OldCnt As Integer¶
'How many slides will be checked?¶
SldCnt = ActivePresentation.Slides.Count¶
'Set the recheck counter to the current number of slides¶
OldCnt = SldCnt¶
'Find out from the user how many lines are allowed in the _¶
textbox placeholder¶
WrapCnt = InputBox("'Wrap' text in placeholder " & _¶
"if they exceed how many lines?", "Wrap after" & _¶
"input", "6") 'Default to 6 if user does not enter a number¶
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