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Creating a New Presentation
different from the normal text boxes that are used on a slide
to display text.
3. Insert a command button from the control toolbox.
This will be auto-labeled CommandButton1.
Again, place and resize this control as desired.
On slide 2
4. Insert several lines of text in whatever shapes or
placeholders will be used.
Be sure to include the replacement string “<<NAME>>”
(without the quotes) in a few places.
On slide 1
5. Double-click on the Command Button. This should open the
Visual Basic Editor (VBE) with a slide-based module begun
(including the first and last line of the code below). Type the
code so that what is seen in the VBE code window matches
the code above. Close the VBE window.
6. Select the Command Button and right-click. Select properties
and the properties window will open. Under the line labeled
‘Caption’, change the value (in the box to the right of the
word caption) to Go.
Tip: Additional data (besides a name) could be collected and incorporated into the slide show
presentation using different replacement fields and adding code lines that would replace
them with the additional data.
Note: This macro runs automatically. This is a PowerPoint presentation-mode macro.
Presentation-mode macros operate during slide shows; therefore, viewing the
show is necessary to use this macro.
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