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Designing Consistent Forms
'Test if something has been selected¶
If Me.LastName.SelLength > 0 Then¶
'Fill MiddlePart¶
Me.MiddlePart = Trim(Mid(LastName, Me.LastName.SelStart + 1,
Me.LastName.SelLength + 1))¶
'Correct LastName¶
Me.LastName = Trim(Mid(LastName, Me.LastName.SelStart +
Me.LastName.SelLength + 1))¶
End If¶
End Sub¶
8. Save the form as frmName and start using it.
Designing Consistent Forms
Creating a sample “boilerplate” form, perhaps similar to the one shown below
in Figure 81, is important to the consistency of the database interface. This
procedure will help.
Example file:
A006.mdb with form
Scenario: When designing a full-blown application, there is
more to consider than just straightforward forms creation. Easy
form navigation is important, but so is keeping your application
consistent throughout to keep from distracting users.
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