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Selecting and Filtering with Cascading Combo Boxes
Figure 84 – Properties Drop-down
Using Me.Dirty triggers Access to check if all field values are the same as when
the form was completed and the Me.Undo moves the OldValue into the current
Value of the field.
Selecting and Filtering with Cascading Combo Boxes
Use this procedure to offer the user the ability to select the rows in two stages
when displaying a subform with many rows of information.
Example file:
A008.mdb with form
Scenario: From a general selection form that has a
datasheet subform with all available information, you can
offer the user the possibility to filter first by all FirstNames
and then with a combo box with all available LastNames.
There are two sets of combo boxes, both doing the same
cascading and filtering. The first set (left) works with a query
for LastName1 retrieving the information from the form’s
combo box cmbFirstName1. The second set (right)
manipulates the query for LastName2 using code.
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