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Making a Rolodex-type Selection List Box
Figure 92 – Select Query
To have an extra character ( * ) do the reset of the filter, the following change is
needed to add it in this query: Go into the SQL mode. Use the SQL View option
from the drop-down list from the top left button to get to SQL mode, and add to
the select statement a dummy select of the fixed value * as follows:
SELECT * as Chr from tblName
SELECT DISTINCT UCase(Left([LastName],1)) AS [Char] FROM tblName;
Note that the two SELECT statements have been combined by putting a
UNION in between them. Using a UNION works only when both SELECT
statements have the same number of rows and each row type (Text, Number,
Date) corresponds.
Using a UNION has another advantage: The DISTINCT clause to remove the
duplicates is dropped, as a UNION automatically sorts the field(s) and removes
duplicate rows. To get all rows to appear, use the UNION ALL statement.
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