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Saving a Workbook as Today's Date
LookInSubFolders to True or False, depending on whether the subfolders
should also be searched.
Saving a Workbook as Today's Date
This macro saves the workbook using today's date as the base name.
Example file:
Scenario: This macro automates the creation of period
reports that can be easily identified by the file name.
Figure 12 – Saving a Workbook Named as Today's Date
View the Appendix to learn about storing this
procedure in a Standard module or in ThisWorkbook.
Option Explicit¶
' * * * * *¶
Sub SaveWorkbookAsToday()¶
'This macro saves the current (active) workbook with today's date¶
'variable declaration¶
'The format to be used for the file name¶
Dim DateFormat As String¶
'The path to be used to save the file (if empty, current path of
workbook is used)¶
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