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Making a Wizard with Tabbed Control
Figure 99 – Data Entry Wizard
When using the wizard, notice that the image and the buttons remain in the
same location. They are not placed in the tabbed control, but above it. Editing
the tab control is somewhat cumbersome. Making sure the correct object is
selected is important. Placing an object on the tabbed control requires that the
page be selected. This is indicated by a dotted line around the pagename on the
tab. This is especially critical when using copy/paste; otherwise, the object is
placed above the tabbed control.
To create the control, start with a regular tabbed control and add as many new
pages as needed. The tabs can be switched off. (That will be done when all is
tested.) Next, place the stable elements above the tabbed control. Finally, fill
the specific pages. A third page that only appears when a radio button is
pressed has been chosen for the wizard. This demonstrates how to navigate
conditionally through the pages.
The buttons are page-specific. A special procedure is used to activate them
when needed. The button handling is also page-specific; for the btnPrev, we use
a trick to go back one page and to skip the conditional page.
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