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Saving Word Form Data to an Excel Spreadsheet
'Create new slide for the chart¶
'ppLayoutBlank = 12¶
Set pptSld = pptPre.Slides.Add(pptPre.Slides.Count + 1, 12)¶
With objChart¶
'Copy chart object as picture¶
objChart.CopyPicture xlScreen, xlBitmap, xlScreen¶
'Paste copied chart picture into new slide¶
End With¶
Next objChartObject¶
End If¶
Next objSheet¶
'Activate PowerPoint application¶
pptApp.Visible = True¶
End Sub¶
Saving Word Form Data to an Excel Spreadsheet
by Cindy Meister
This procedure transfers information from Word to Excel using automation.
Example file:
Scenario: Word's online forms are a comfortable way to
distribute a form and get information back from numerous
sources. The question remains, however, how to most
efficiently use the data coming back in the forms documents.
While Word does provide the option to "Save data only for
forms", this only saves the form input as a comma-delimited
text file. Any use requires additional steps to import or
append this to an Excel or database table, one data set at a
The example file contains the code for the preceding “ Forms: Placing a Picture
in a Protected Form” entry on page 193 because adding a picture to the Word
file is an option. The picture is not saved in the Excel file, but the caption for
the picture is.
This macro opens the target Excel workbook and writes a new record to the
table. It takes the data from form fields with names matching the column
headers in the Excel table.
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