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Highlighting Duplicates Within a Range
Append: in case adding something to the file name of the workbook
(such as 'Sales for’) is desired
Tip: See Excel’s Help topic, 'About number formats', to see examples on formatting dates.
As the code is written, these three variables are entered into cells B1, B2, and
B3. The location of the input cells can be changed as long as you reflect that
change in the code. The user then can change the values of those input cells but
doesn’t need to change any of the VBA code. So, you could write this code in
your workbook and let others use it without ever entering the VBE.
Highlighting Duplicates Within a Range
Use this procedure to highlight any duplicate entries that appear within a
contiguous range (not only a column).
Example file:
Scenario: This macro enables the user to visually highlight
any duplicates entries within a range of cells. It is particularly
useful when consolidating information from accounts or when
trying to pinpoint items that appear more than once in a long
Figure 13 – Highlighting Duplicates
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