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Creating Word Labels from an Excel Recipient List
1. Copy the O006.xls file into the C:\ folder and send the O006-1.xls file
(with some data in it) as an attachment to yourself.
2. Quit Outlook to stop the write access to the O006.xls file before opening
it to enter data. Alternatively, a copy of this file can be used for
reporting. To disable the functionality of this macro, delete the
Application_Startup event procedure code and restart the Outlook
Creating Word Labels from an Excel Recipient List
By Suat Ozgur
This is a sample application that shows processing an Excel data range and
creating a mailing label document for the requested number of labels by using
selected label product. It also demonstrates a progress bar application.
Example file:
The sample code requires the following data sheet column structure.
Figure 101 – Setting up the Label Maker
Place the following code in a standard module in the Excel file that contains the
View the Appendix to learn how to store this procedure
in a Standard module (Excel)
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