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Sorting Worksheets
This macro has only two variables. As it is written, it works only on the range
A1:A13. Change the range A1:A13 to your desired range. Or, you can change it
to work on a range selected by the user. The Interior.ColorIndex = 38 can be set
to a different color by changing the 38 to a different number.
Note: This macro erases any conditional formats on the range that gets checked.
Sorting Worksheets
With this procedure, you can sort the worksheets of the current workbook—all
or just the selected ones—in ascending or descending order, according to their
Example file:
Scenario: There are situations in which a workbook might
contain quite a few worksheets, making it very hard to find a
specific one. Sorting them alphabetically might alleviate the
problem. Another example might be a workbook that
contains one sheet for each employee in the company. This
workbook would be much easier to use if its sheets were
sorted alphabetically.
Figure 14 – Worksheets Unsorted Figure 15 – Worksheets Sorted
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