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Access Objects
Figure 116 - Opening PowerPoint Slide Object
As shown in the example, Slide objects reside in the Microsoft PowerPoint
Objects folder. To activate the code pane for the Slide object, either right-click it
and choose View Code from the menu, or double-click the desired slide.
If the slide does not already exist, you will need to place an ActiveX control on
the Slide (using the Control Toolbox in the main Powerpoint interface). The
Slide module will run just like a module-based macro, but will be attached to
the slide. If the slide is copied, so is the macro; if a slide is deleted, so is the
Access Objects
Access VBA is somewhat different than programming done in the other
applications. Many database programmers have never touched a Word
document, and many Word programmers have never touched a database.
Simply follow the instructions by our Access Code Developer to learn where to
place the code provided.
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