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Running a Macro from a Toolbar Button
Figure 117 - Manually Running a Macro
To run your code, select the macro in the list, and click “Run”, or double-click
the macro’s name.
You can also run your macro while still in the Visual Basic Editor. Just locate
the procedure, click somewhere in the code, and choose one of the following
methods to run it:
1. Press F5.
2. Choose “Run Sub/UserForm” from the Run Menu.
3. Click the Run icon
on either the Standard or Debug toolbars.
If your cursor is not placed within the macro code, or the macro requires an
argument to run, the macro dialog box (as illustrated above) launches, allowing
you to choose a procedure.
Running a Macro from a Toolbar Button
Toolbar buttons can be added to your toolbar via the Tools | Customize menu.
Choose the Commands tab and then choose the Macros Category; a toolbar
button appears on the right-hand side of the dialog. Drag the toolbar button up
onto your toolbar.
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