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Deleting the Empty Rows in a Range
Deleting the Empty Rows in a Range
This macro deletes all the rows that are completely empty in a specific range.
Example file:
Scenario: To analyze data correctly in Excel, it is
recommended that the data be organized in a contiguous
range. A contiguous range is one that is without "gaps"
between the rows or the columns of data. That way, applying
sorts, applying AutoFilters, creating pivot tables, or using
subtotals can easily be done because Excel correctly
recognizes the analyzed range.
Tip: If this macro doesn’t work on your selected range, perhaps the cells are not truly empty. To
ensure blank cells are empty, select the cells and hit Edit Æ Clear Æ All, and save the file.
Then try the macro again.
Figure 26 – Worksheet Before Running Macro
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